Devil City Angels - Devil City Angels (Century Media)

Devil City Angels - just another 'supergroup'?
Release Date: 
11 Sep 2015 (All day)

HARD ROCK SUPERGROUP ALERT!!! Yep, those old lags from the eighties are at it again, tugging away at fame like dogz with bonerz, never able to let that darnn thing go… This time it’s Tracii Guns, Rikki Pockett and Eric Brittingham teaming up to form the rottenly-monickered Devil City Angels, keen to ring a few quid out of any last vestiges of hair metal nostalgia kicked up by LA funstrels Steel Panther...

Well. It was a band featuring Cinderella’s Eric Brittingham; he jumped ship straight after this elpee was committed to wax, leaving the band bereft on the four string motherfucker until Rudi Sarzo stepped up to the plate, so there’s still SERIOUS supergroup status at work here… but are the DCA any good?

First listen says a resounding NO, especially in the vocal department, where the band strangely opted not for a peer but for the much younger Brandon Gibbs (who also handles rhythmic axe duties). But ya gotta give these things time, and after a few spins, the songs work their way into the ol’ grey matter pretty nicely. All My People is an Aerosmith offcut to be sure, but listenable all the same, whilst Boneyard, despite its lack of a gritty eighties vocal, woulda been a big hit when all these old blokes were in their original bands… Gibbs actually don’t sound too bad on the ballad Goodbye Forever – kinda like a poor man’s Danny Vaughan, if truth be told – and Guns plays some neat lead guitar throughout so it ain’t a total write off by any stretch of the imagination.

However – and it’s a pretty BIG however – news has reached me that Guns and Sarzo are already touting a new band around LA, in tandem with latterday Montrose/Burning Rain vocalist Keith St John under the moniker of Gunzo, a band which Guns especially looks to be puttin’ a lotta time and effort into; If that’s the case then DCA could be dead in the water already so maybe hold onto ya pennies and wait to see what happens with Gunzo, who sound pretty mouthwatering if it’s me you’re askin’. But if you absolutely gotta have the complete recorded output of Rikki Pockett be my guest  - ain’t nothing here that’s gonna make ya sad or unhappy!