Dealer - Don't Worry I Got You Man (Own Label)

Dealer are handing out the thrash cards - are you in?
Release Date: 
14 Aug 2015 - 11:30pm

Authentic. Canadian crossover fiends Dealer have such an authentic sound you’d be forgiven for thinking the toons on Don’t Worry… have been lying around in someones basement since 1986, so accurately do they capture the spirit of those faraway, halcyon thrash times.

Five tracks, thirteen minutes – there’s no messing about here as Dealer reanimate the corpse of crossover with nary a double kick salvo in sight. Gratifyingly, they stay just on the hardcore side of the crossover divide, never over-egging the metal quotient but relying instead on the dirty, ragged thunder of acts like The Accüsed, Sons of Ishmael, Beyond Obsession and Cryptic Slaughter. It’s breakneck stuff, and tracks like the excellent Hell in a Cell won’t fail to get your breaking out some serious skankage on first hearing. Final track Hands Up is similarly impressive, whilst my own favourite, Game of Death, is a spiralling, out of control thrasher that brought a massive, shit-eating grim to my old fizzog.

Simple, brutal, effective. And a must-have if you like this sort of thing.