Crippled Black Phoenix - New Dark Age Tour EP 2015 AD (Season of Mist)

Utterly delightful...
Release Date: 
27 Nov 2015 - 12:30am

First off, you can hardly call 50+ minutes of heavy psychedelia an EP - this release is quality AND value for money. Multi-instruMENTAList Justin Greaves busts out the good stuff with no less than seven other powerful musicians to bring you this beautiful release to coincide with their upcoming European tour.

Spider Island starts things off with some brass and samples before you're slapped about the chops by the trippy goodness and dirge-like riffs courtesy of the swirling suitars, synths and keyboards (actually, it seems like everyone involved is doing their best to bring about a change in your consciousness via the heavy doom-psych that's pumping out). A brilliant first course, I say.

Next is the 14 minute saga that is New Dark Age; if you cut this open, it would bleed a heady combination of mescaline and woe. Yet it somehow also manages to combine the dark with some twinkles to stop you from slipping too far into maudlin introspection. The hypnotic riffs are gloriously 70's-like and conjure all manner of pomp and ceremony. The keyboards shake loose the girders of mine soul. About 11 minutes in you get this exceptionally mellow oceanic bit. Lovely.

AND to top it off you get covers of Pink Floyd's Echoes (Part 1 and 2) which are rendered almost note perfect (albeit with some slight variations as per Justin's personal artistic bent). Utterly splendid - and the samples of The Floyd (lifted, I think, from Live At Pompei?) ordering a diverse selection of breakfast foods is tops. Get this. Trip out. I cannot wait for a 'full' album to come skidding across my desk.