Corners of Sanctuary - Prelude to War (The Japan Demo) (Own Label)

Earnest stuff, but nothing you've not heard before.

‘’Hailing from Philadelphia, PA, Corners of Sanctuary formed in 2011 to breathe new life into heavy metal’’.

So sayeth the band’s official biography, so who am I to question? They may well have formed with the intention of resuscitating the still-warm corpse of traditional metal, but on the evidence of this half-hour long free EP I’d have to say that rigor mortis is more likely to set into that particular cadaver before it leaps, re-animated to its feet and launches into a ‘there is nothing like a dame’-styled dance routine…

The band’s hearts are clearly in the right place – opening track A Fist Full of Vengeance sounds like something Tokyo Blade might have sniffed around in the early eighties, whilst spritely second track Victoria sets the toes tapping and the neck nodding, but overall there’s just not quite enough of real interest to set these boys apart from the hordes of other trad metal revivalists treading the boards at the moment.

The band has already released two full length albums, with a third slated for imminent release so maybe this EP is just a collection of offcuts designed to stimulate the taste buds for the main course to come, and if that’s the case the likes of Hell and Back and Blood Quest do point to a band that might be capable of better; Maybe it’s better to just let this one pass (even though it’s available for free) and wait for the main event?


Prelude to War is available as a free download from the bnd's website: