Christian Death - The Root of All Evilution (Season of Mist)

Definitely maybe...
Release Date: 
16 Oct 2015 - 12:30am

There's a lot to like on The Root; there are so many elements that I really dig - but are a sufficient number of likeable elements enough? I'm not sure, and given Christian Death's pedigree as one of the leading goth/rock bands, I'm at a loss to explain why this album doesn't fire me up as much as some of their previous offerings. Starting off with In The Garden of Evilution the listener is treated to some dark ambient noise stylings under some spoken word. The track gets a bit fatter with chords and starts to form into a tune but then slips back into some more spoken word before you've really had a chance to get down to the actual composition. I was left feeling oddly bereft as if given a toffee apple only to have it snatched away from my sticky paws. This Cross conjures a Dead Can Dance/eastern vibe with a lovely (female) vocal from Maitri, It's very theatrical. Valor Kand drops in the male counterpart vocal but it's all a bit Disney villain-like. Still, there's plenty to like about this one.

Tar Black Liquid has a slinky high hat and conjures Siouxsie Sioux and there's some sweet bass and violin sweeping around the tune. But it's almost as if the songs finish before they've had the chance to establish themselves. Has there been too much concentration on atmosphere (of which there is plenty) as opposed to actual content (which appears to be slightly lacking). It's not that the album is bad - there are great moments peppered throughout - it just seems to lack any real grunt or substance. The far too short Illuminazi with a kind of post-punk and weirdly hypnotic/disjointed riff gets you going, teasing you into getting down, and then it stops. As do far too many tracks on here.

Final track Secrets Down Below is perhaps one of the best tracks on here. It's got length, bredth and depth (and it doesn't tail off prematurely either); maybe they should of kicked the album off with this one instead? If the tunes had been teased out a bit more, I think this could have been a very good album.