SuddenFlames - Under the Sign of the Alliance (Maple Metal Records)

Rousing power metal...
Release Date: 
5 Jun 2014 - 11:30pm

If you dig a bit of power metal then you'll probably quite enjoy Canada's SuddenFlames. Their new album Under the Sign...consists of nine rocking good time power metal tunes, and being a rather short album there's relatively little fat on here. The dual guitars of Sebastien Latulippe and Daves Couture supply a well-balanced series of harmonies that (kind of) remind me of Iron Maiden but then you get a proud chorus thrown in here and there for you to shake your gorgeous mane to.

Bassist Pascal Lacombe (who has come and gone in recent years) gets a juicy look in, particularly so on Warrior of Hell and drummer Nicholas Blanchet gets to perform some rousing skin work across the entire album. It's all very...well, rousing...but that's (in my mind at least) the nature of power metal; clean vocals, clean guitars (over-driven but clean, you know what I mean) - and you can hear vocalist Jean-Robert Letarte's lyrics with little to no difficulty and, all in all, it's a rather nice change of pace for me.

For some strange reason I was also reminded of early Anthrax so there you have it; some rousing power-metal with some whiffs of Iron Maiden and Anthrax. Not being a massive fan of the genre (but still having a bit of a soft spot for it) means I'm probably not equipped to be the most discriminating of reviewers on this but I don't mind Under the Sign... at all. It reminds me of my younger days when I had a lovely head of hair. And a liver.