Silent Force - Rising From Ahes (AFM Records)

Classy... very classy...
Release Date: 
12 Dec 2013 - 11:30pm

Another set of superior hard rockin’ tunes from the Alex Beyrodt/Mat Sinner axis – seriously, where do they find the time? 

Silent Force, of course, have something of a pedigree as far as superior hard rockin’ tunes are concerned, and fans of the band will doubtless be pleased to learn that not a lot has changed for their fifth album, Rising from Ashes.

In fact the one major upheaval – erstwhile singer DC Cooper has gone to be replaced by the relatively unknown Michael Bormann – to these ears at least, has put the quality levels up a level or two. I’ve never been much of a fan of Cooper’s rather identikit voice, and to me the gritty tones of Bormann (you may know him from such acts as Powerworld and Bloodbound) fit the music cooked up by Beyrodt really rather well.

Ace in the pack is the sassy hard rock of You Gotta Kick It, although the Classy Turn Me Loose – not, unfortunately a cover of the Loverboy song of the same name – runs it pretty close. Both are high quality hard rock (the first like a high energy, twenty year old Def Leppard, the second a classy take on 1987-era Whitesnake dynamics) and provide a nice break from the more power/prog bent that much of the rest of the material displays. 

However it’s all good stuff – the commercial Born to be a Fighter is pretty nifty too, if truth be told, and the album as a whole works as a nice piece of light to the shade of Primal Fear’s very metal new offering – Beyrodt and Sinner are clearly good at writing for a project (don’t forget they both contribute to the ludicrous Whitesnake pastiche that is Voodoo Circle too) and they’ve clearly reserved their best melodic metal chops for this release. I can’t recommend it highly enough for all fans of the genre, but equally give this a go if Euro power metal ain’t your thing either- it’s too good to let it slip through your fingers.