Patrons of the Rotting Gate - The Rose Coil (The Path Less Travelled Records)

Evil, talented bastard...
Release Date: 
31 Dec 2013 - 11:30pm

Yes, I know this is a 2013 release but I don't care. It's bloody good stuff and it's pretty much the work of one man; Andrew Millar, who does everything ever (vox, bass, guitars and 'drums' - eg programming the machine) - though Adam Irwin does do some additional guitar work on here too. When you consider that this is pretty much the work of one fellow, you should be amazed (and enamoured) with the sheer scale of the work undertaken. Regardless of the programmed drums (which DO NOT detract from the listening pleasure) The Rose Coil is just jammed with progressive/technical black metal genius outpourings.

Millar's vocals do seem to swing towards the death metal end of the spectrum at times but everything fits perfectly and the compositions are not just run of the mill black metal templates - the tunes on here are both interesting and intriguing - I was particularly impressed with Secrets In The Soil which has some beautifully executed piano and drum-work (I didn't even care that it's not 'real' drumming).

Opener TriTvare draws you in before slapping you across the face with Tri Zaveti, an almost traditional black metal piece with dischordant guitars that sit just off centre of the blasting drums. It's dramatic and crushes you between the riff and the beat. As does Pride In Descent. There are too many top tunes on here to mention (sniff this album out for youself) but I must give a sage nod of acknowledgement to the Gorguts cover The Battle of Chamdo, where the strings have been reworked into riffage, resulting in a cracking little beast of a tune.

Get this album and get down to the wonderment that is Patrons of the Rotting Gate.