Dismemberment – Embrace the Dark (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions)

Don't stop to read this, just listen to the album.
Release Date: 
29 Apr 2014 (All day)

Embrace the Darkness delivers a mixed bag of genres which creates something I can’t quite put into standard metal vernacular. It’s melodic thrashy death with a thick slathering of black, a beautiful album with some real aggression. Hailing from Ohio in the US’ Midwest, Dismemberment deliver a sound with the darkness of black metal, the shredding guitar of thrash metal and the furiousity of death metal. Over the top of all these influences are intense melodies combined with good quality song writing to create an album that doesn’t bore for a moment. Embrace the Darkness is an album for windmilling addicts, for fist-pumping and for getting out the old-school air guitar while throwing yourself around to some truly contemporary attitude. 

The album starts off quick and nasty with two furious mosh-worthy tracks, Confess Your Flesh and Eye Of The Keeper. The former delivers a fast melodic rush of good riffs and blast beats, while the latter uses well-balanced feverish riffage against the throat ripped vocals. They make good use of tempo changes within a short song to really thrash it out.

Archaic Wisdom showcases what Dismemberment is capable of well. The paced melodic riffs flow over the furiously thrashing drums, building a brutal intensity before launching right into the middle of the mosh. The lovely bass pauses really nail this brilliant riff home. Archaic Wisdom threatens to leave before you have your fill, but that’s just a breakdown built to send the front row’s teeth right into the crowd barrier.

Labyrinth winds brisk distorted riffs together in harmony to build a slower paced but intense song with a clear melodic undertone building to memorably anthemic fist-pumping moments. The ballad of the album, this is going to be one requested by live audiences years from now. Thick with aggression, the metered brutality isn’t dimmed by the beauty of the riffs. Sacrifice Reality brings back a bit of the thrashy dirt to the album, but keeps the melody in the heavily distorted riffs. Moments of black thrash creep in with furious tremolo picking set against the rough growl of the vocals. The surprising acoustic ending is appreciated as a moment to breathe after the shredded solo. 

Aura Of Obscurity fades in slowly with heavy use of the wah-pedal on the lead guitar, before picked chords set a walking pace. This counts into black n’ roll influenced riffs and aggressive, paced, throat-ripped vocals. Anathema is angry black thrash with another dose of that black n’ roll flavour. The songwriting skills of Dismemberment show clearly in this song as the drums relentlessly roll through the constant ebb and flow of the guitars. It’s got a quick solo that’ll make you stop and walk back to the stereo to replay it.

Monolithic Impurity comes in sounding distinctly punk rock, but with a thrash edge to it. A brooding blackness is thrown over the top like a familiar blanket delivering a song that comes across as a bit of a guilty pleasure. Born to Consume brings back the horn-raising thrashing pace. A shredding guitar solo links the deathy riffs to the blackened vocals and the persistent thrash of the drums, wrapping up Embrace The Darkness as the best albums I have heard so far this year.

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