Black Trip - Goin' Under (Steamhammer/SPV)

70s rock, faithfully rendered...
Release Date: 
6 Jul 2014 - 11:30pm

Sweden's Black Trip love the records they grew up with - and they've gone a released an album that reflects this love in the form of Goin' Under. You've got drummer Peter Stjarnvind (who beat the skins for Entombed for a while) on guitar and you've got guitarist Joesph Tholl (who did 6 string duties for Enforcer and Corrupt) laying out some bluesy vocals. Confused? Don't be. Ex-Nifelheim guitarist Sebastian Ramstedt has the decency to stick with his respective instrument, as does bassist Johan Bergeback (again, ex-Nifelheim) while drummer Jonas Wikstrand (Enforcer) remains behind the kit, keeping everything sweet and tight. And with the (slightly confusing) line-up sorted, it's on to the album.

Put simply, if you're into a spot of nostalgic (though in no way unoriginal) NWoBHM and/or Thin Lizzy-type meanderings then you should get right into this. I have a particularly soft spot for the earthy sound that Black Trip have lovingly reproduced here for our delectation - just have a listen to the solos on Putting Out The Fire or Voodoo Queen. I'm immediately taken back to a world of dirty, sodden denim and questionable sexual ethics. No Tomorrow could easily pass for an unreleased Iron Maiden track, recorded when Paul Di'anno was flexing his pipes as front-man. A marvellous reminiscence, depsite the fact I spent most of my time as grubby-faced child chimney sweep wedged up some old codger's flue. Regardless, it was a time of quality tunes and 'over-production' had yet to stain the music industry as we know it.

You get more nob-waggling solos than you can shake a stick and/or nob at on Goin' UnderTvar Dabla is an exemplary example of Black Trip's musical power; it roams all over the shop, rubbing its seedy crotch right in your face - and you'd have to be mad not to enjoy it. My only gripe is that there are only 8 tracks on here and the entire album flies by far too quickly. Old-timers and young ones who enjoy looking back into the murky, misty past will love this but those scene-types who only groove to the lastest whorish release will reject this violently. But who gives a fuck what they think, eh? Lovely, uncomplicated retro enjoyment.