ZOM – Multiversal Holocaust (Iron Bonehead)

The creed of total darkness.
Release Date: 
13 May 2013 - 12:30pm

Zom is the Irish response to the wave of bestial black death metal that is sweeping the whole world.

They hoarded some attention with their 2012 demo called Hells Pleasure MMXII and I was really excited to know they were releasing something new. 

And here it is: a two-track 7”EP called Multiversal Holocaust.

There’s no deception here matey! If you liked their demo, this opus will really stand out! 

The first, self-titled track is really reverberating, with the vocals hitting the walls and the song full of feedbacks, pain and distortion, nevertheless it maintains the comprehension at least for tested ears to this kind of music.

Second track Terror of the Cosmos is totally devastating with a menacing guitar, first in the background and then exploding a riff absolutely killer and pulverizing. When the drums start in their hardcore manner and the demonic vocals start to echo again with that infernal dissonance, everything comes to the ground and a sensation that is really like a war starting to explode above your head while you try to hide your loved ones from destruction.

It’s satanic, it’s warlike, it’s straight, it’s heartless! There’s no room for fancy music here.

If you are a disciple of ZOM go and get you copy ASAP. If you’re not , go and do the same fucking thing. If you’re poser, of course, you can always PISS OFF! You’re welcome!