Wretch - Because You're Worthless (Own Label)

Quasi perfect grind...

Australians Wretch were bought to my attention by MaF editor Scott Adams and I have to say, as usual, he was right when he said ‘this’ll be right up your alley’

Wretch are, in a word, glorious. Squelchy, groovy, maybe even metal as fuck are all terms I’d use in a non-perjoritive way to describe this band. Jumping Jesus, if I’ve listened to the excellent Shitcunt once I’ve listened to it a thousand times already and I’ve only had the record for a fortnight; Wretch exist at the crossroads of thrash, death and grind (probably more grind than the other two if I’m honest, and there’s nothing wrong with being mostly grind, let me tell you), their relentless riffs never letting up as they unleash shitstorm after shitstorm of dirty thunder all over the ears. Like all the best grind there’s a by-turns mordant and scatological humour seeping out of the whole thing, not to mention a priceless sample of Berlin’s Take My Breath Away on the short but sweet Iceman. And in Pack Raped By Downies they’ve surely come up with the song title of the century thus far.

It’s all here then, in a quasi-perfect grind package; Impressive musicianship (notably from drummer Dad, who belies his name with an absolutely battering performance behind the kit), catchy riffage (supplied in part, apparently, by The Mayor of Queanbeyan) and bowel-bothering vocals from King Slayer AKA Farnesy Lannister: all combine to produce one of the most enjoyable listens I’ve had outide of the new Carcass album in ages. Seventeen tracks, every one with something going for it – why wouldn’t you want to get involved?


Because You're Worthless is out now.