Wolfpakk - Cry Wolf (AFM Records)

Mark Sweeney and Michael Voss' star-studded project returns for it's second album.
Release Date: 
24 Sep 2013 (All day)

After a well received debut album produced, written and mixed by duo Mark Sweeney (ex-Crystal Ball) and Michael Voss (Mad Max, ex-Casanova) Wolfpakk return with their second album, and yet another all star roster of some rocks biggest names from previous decades. Featuring the likes of Blaze Baley (ex-Iron Maiden) and Tony Carey (ex-Rainbow)  Cry Wolf  promiseS to offer the finest of classic hard rock.

A promise it barely fulfils, incredibly repetitive, such a wide array of talent should have produced a far better final product then what is delivered. Few of the songs' choruses have enough strength to be repeated to the point of brain numbing boredom as they are. Some of the most clichéd songwriting to be seen from such a selection of talented song-writers, this side project appears to have been pushed way to one side and forgotten about until the night before some production deadline. 

We get it; rock is a tight nit pack of wolves running together, wolves are one with the earth and embody the rock culture, not clear enough? How about a token Native American just to make things extra clear, oh thanks. After some of the most superficial songwriting heard this year the album tries to develop some meaning in a few minutes, all it does act as a stage setter which suddenly creates a whole new 'phony' vibe to the album.

The finest point to the album was the beautiful vocals of Amanda Somerville in an otherwise forgettable grouping of all too familiar songs, any substance is quickly erased with the repetition of weak choruses, and a glam rock sound that might have been tolerable in moderation, but this motley crue was pathetic at times and embarassing considering the fine reputation of some rocks most influential names, previous members of The Scorpions, Rainbow, Whitesnake and Europe. 

Much of this mid-paced, Glam style rock died years ago, most would say thankfully, for anyone looking for a supergroup that amounts to a sub-standard cover band, Wolfpakk are the way to go, if you fancy some decent Glam, crack out the Vinyl.