From The Vastland – Kamarikan (Indie Records)

When even an old Persian demon Angra Mainyu has technical problems.
Release Date: 
7 Jun 2013 - 12:30pm

From the Vastland is being deemed a phenomenon, a band hailing from Iran that signed with the Norwegian Indie label and even played at the traditional Inferno Festival. Being a one-man band, the live line-up was completed by no one less than Tjalve (Den Saakaldte, Pantheon I, Sarkom, Midnattsvrede, ex-1349), Vyl (Keep of Kalessin, Subliritum, ex-Gorgoroth) and Destructhor (Morbid Angel, ex-1349).

This second work, called Kamarikan, brings more black metal to the forefront, and Sina, the guy behind the whole project has a penchant for everything that’s Nordic, he even had this writer deceived during the first minutes of music.

The songs are really, really good, varying from melodic black metal to traditional black metal, everything in the best Norwegian fashion, with an Iranian accent.

The first two songs, the first called The Ahriman Wizard and the second Call of the Montain Battle, are great compositions, and really evoke the ancient black metal sensation from days of old.

The former has lots of passages and different climates and is worth a good listen. The latter is even more intense, with short phrases, and melancholic passages never giving up to something like gothic, always defending the old faith of black metal.

But that’s when the technical faults start to appear. While maintaining the old spirit, Sina never decides if he wants to sound polished (like the great names in the style, say Dimmu Borgir), or if they like to keep it true like Gorgoroth, that besides having an excellent musicianship, it’s always a rotten band to listen to.

The great matters here are not the compositions, but the executions. While it’s known just by hearing the CD that was made by one guy himself, and he HAS the talent to manage the whole thing holding his ground, the drums seem a bit electronic and repetitive, and without due heaviness they end up sounding too polite to the initial proposal of the CD. I’m sure that a dedicated soul like Sina wouldn’t expect this final result. Besides, the parts where the acoustic guitar appears seem childish, and he’s not to blame, because things are the way they are but they are overdone, over executed in almost all the songs, showing a lack of creativity in this field. Something says to me that the guy didn’t intend it to be a sonic filler, but anyway it’s repetitive and kinda compromises this excellent work of this otherwise spectacular artist.  My personal tip as a muso is that he doesn’t eliminate this parts in the next album ,but rather he improves his skills and makes them better and sound different from each other, because the expertise is not in question here and this guy has a great future ahead of him. Suffice to say that he reaches new grounds where even older bands never dared to achieve.

Having said that, Kamarikan is a great release and every fan of the thin old style of Black metal with a melodic accent mustn’t miss out on it. An essential purchase for those who seek to amplify their own Black horizons. Evil has no boundaries and be prepared for this curse from old Persia. 


PS: Angra Mainyu is another name in old Persian for the Ahriman whose name appears on the first track.


Kamarikan is out now on Indie Recordings