Slussenanalys - Aquila Helvetos Asfaltos (Ektro)

The new rock thrives on mean streets.
Release Date: 
31 May 2013 - 12:30pm

Have you ever seen Hobo With a Shotgun with Rutger Hauer in which a hobo just wants to make a living in a mean city dominated by thieves and then when he was abused he decides to buy a shotgun and kill everyone in sight? No? You should, for this album is almost the soundtrack for that movie.

The vocalist looks like an Ian Anderson high as a kite on booze, wandering through the streets of a post apocalyptic Stockholm delivering his Nordic gospel of crime tales.

The sound is a very raw mix of rock, punk rock and something resembling Motörhead. It’s intended to be original and thus intended to be incomprehensible.

At first heed it sounds like a normal punk rock band, but the vocals are never really sung, they are rather spoken, hummed.

The album has 15 tunes,first ones being a pure rock n roll statement for a beggars uprising. Punk, some metal, and mainly proto-punk like the Stooges and MC-5 clash with something akin to the  Sex Pistols and Sham 69 and it sounds nothing like the Swedish and Finnish punk/street scene from whence they originated.

It’s funny and weird at same time, and just to guess what exactly the message these lads are trying to pass is a fun thing and it made me smile. 

Everybody knows that by nature this kind of rock (punk in this case) has short tracks, but by the end of the album some tracks start to reach 7 minutes long,  turning everything a bit weird. Then the sound starts to reverse like in the 13-minute En promenad med den lurvige where the sound goes fully back to the 1960’s like a mixture of Love, Frank Zappa and Blue Cheer. What a strange thing and I confess, as long as the whole CD so far was not entirely my thing this tune totally got me by the balls. The guitar lines have no sense (it seems like a punkish Interstellar Overdrive) and that makes me wonder what kind of drugs these guys have been using as of late. I want their dealer’s phone number.

Do you think it’s over? Of course not… Now in the penultimate track they attack us with a 12-minute tune called Sen lektion i att le with even more weird tunes by now distancing themselves completely from the recognizable punk rock from the first accords of the Aquila Helvetos Asfaltos. Jefferson Airplane and Quicksilver Instant Messenger would not feel ashamed to share the stage with Slussenanalys. I mean everyone nowadays tries to emulate the glory of the old days of crazy rock, but this band surpassed everything… Jim Morrison would be jealous of them, seriously hahahaha.

On the last track they go in fully Frank Zappa mode, like in songs as The Chrome Plated Megaphone Of Destiny (from the classic We’re only in it for the Money) and The Return Of The Son Of Monster Magnet from the first Mothers of Invention album Freak Out!  A festival of out of place bass lines, out of tune guitars, a trippy drummer and everything that is meant to be experimental. A CLASSIC!

By the end of the day Slussenanalys is the strangest experience you’ll feel this year. Wait. What is this in my eye? A tear? Oh I think it’s just a dust.. I’m becoming emotional right now. Where’s my shrink?