Six Reasons to Kill - We Are Ghosts (Massacre Records)

It's nearly getting boring how many brilliant bands Massacre Records picks up on. Nearly. Not quite.

For a lot of people, metalcore has become a somewhat stagnant genre (I believe I may have covered this on a previous review). After all, there’s only so much you can really put in the genre without it being either a) done before; or b) not actually being metalcore. Still, there are some pretty decent bands out there, like Six Reasons to Kill who aren’t really doing much that’s particularly original, but are still damn good at what it is they are doing.

Let me run you through what first happened when I turned on the album. “Ok, fairly standard riff. Nice and chunky though. Good build up to the verse. I wonder what the vocals are going to be li- HOLY FUCK!” Honestly, the vocals make this album SO MUCH heavier than it would otherwise have been. Anyone familiar with Embracer and their metalcore with a deathcore vocalist will know straight up what I mean. These vocals sound like they have been lifted off an Upon a Burning Body album, and rather than sounding a bit out-of-place, Six Reasons to Kill prove that they have the musical know-how to tailor their instruments to fit in with the vocals.

From then on in this album gives you a whole new perspective. Rather than listening for the moments that you think might be a bit predictable, you end up enjoying the album for what it is: a seriously well-done, thought-out piece of art that is, above all, heavier than an obese elephant. I could have gone blue with that analogy but didn’t.

I really really hope that these guys are able to pull off this sound live. Any of you native to the Koblenz area of Germany need to go and check them out and give us a shout as to how they were. I fully believe that with the right sound system, and the right atmosphere, these guys could create one of the biggest, sweat-fuelled, blood-stained pits of demonic aggression since The Black Dahlia Murder first turned up and started headbutting haters in the face. Ok maybe they didn’t ACTUALLY do that, but We Are Ghosts is just so fucking brilliant at the same time as being bastard heavy that it does make me want to headbutt everything around me.

We Are Ghosts is out now on Massacre Records.