Sacrilegious Impalement – III – Lux Infera (Woodcut Records)

Cold Suomi music...

III – Lux Infera is the third work from Finns Sacrilegious Impalement, and it is blasphemous beyond belief. 

Although following the vein of the most traditional black metal (no death/black metal here) the band manages to maintain all the seriousness and trueness of the style without turning it into the child’s play that black metal has become nowadays. 

The satanic whippings are intense showing war-like resistance mainly in the first two tracks Angels Graves and Down for Grim Lord

The funny thing is that being Finns and being true, they have a “Swedish accent” on their sound showing the qualities of bands like Setherial, Svartsyn, Dark Funeral and why not say, Marduk

Oh there are great solos too (it seems that these bands are concerned about showing their musical skills while maintaining their black metal cred without being sell outs… How they do that is anyone’s guess).

Scars for the Scarred Ones is even more execrable and dire laying bare a powerful combination of metal and bringing superlative production to the fold.

For Sins of the Pigs starts slow, then it becomes a mid-paced song, just for a change. It’s not the best song of the album but a good filler if one likes to see in that way.

Through Punishing Gates returns to menacing riffs and and syncopated drums and the pure infernal cult is there again to frighten the disciples of “god”. Hail real cult! The songs stops  to an even more menacing slow paced part where riffs inundate the whole room and satanic sensations are inevitable. Their musical prowess cannot conceal that these guys have some axes to grind and are at odds with Christ. Hehehehe

Behead the Infants of God might not be the most exquisite song name around but at it least leaves no doubts of the purpose of Sacrilegious Impalement which is to leave people in awe. Of course they’re not being serious… well I hope not, hohohooh.

This is a great sample of another typically great black BM band from the North of Europe, nothing really new, but made with allegiance to the true cause of satanic music. Only for partisans! 


 III – Lux Infera is out now on Woodcut Records