Revelation – Inner Harbor (Shadow Kingdom Records)

The honest sound of REVELATION is back!
Release Date: 
30 Apr 2013 - 12:30pm

The classic stoner band from the US Revelation,which ihas been releasing albums and demos since 1986 is back on track with this great album, Inner Harbor

The artwork didn’t tickle my fancy, but when the first accords of the opening self-titled song started to play, and stoner doom metal in the best American way invaded my room, the sensation was the most pleasant possible.

It’s funny how they resemble Black Sabbath sometimes and sometimes not. There are songs such as Terribilita and Eve Separated in which vocalist John Brenner even does some Ozzy inflexions . This puts them in the same holy temple as Saint Vitus, Cathedral and Witchfinder General.

But other times this influence escapes them and they go to a keyboard-oriented sound as in the excellent Jones Falls. I mean, the song is not full of keyboards all the time and it occasionally gives place to very heavy riffage.

But don’t confuse them with “new” bands of doom, sludge that may have the same Black Sabbath/ Trouble influence but won’t sound like Revelation. For Revelation was doing this kind of sound before it became cool and it was infested by nerdy-looking bearded kids. Although Inner Harbor is not the best release of the year, it’s still one of the most honest, and the guys do what they do with the experience that only a seasoned band might have. 

The last track is beautiful, simply beautiful. Called An Allegory of Want it has trippy keyboards never sounding progressive but still they borrow the psychedelic heaviness of the 1970’s. The second half of the song when John Brenner stops to sing and a fully instrumental passage follows up is second to none.

 This is the time for this great American band to be recognized. Great music!