Razormaze - Annihilatia (Slaney Records)

Thrash that will make you dust off those big white high-tops of yours.
Release Date: 
23 Jul 2013 (All day)

Boston based thrashers, Razormaze hit it out of the park on their sophomore album Annihilatia. Opening the album is the track, Something Like A War, which pulls us in with an ominous riff reminiscent of Slayer's South Of Heaven before kicking into a healthy classically themed gallop at the 2 minute mark. While Razormaze is probably associated with the whole 'thrash revival' movement, one shouldn't write them off as a retro, novelty act. There is some serious musicianship going on here. 

What sets Razormaze apart from the rest of the thrash-pack becomes apparent once the main riff of Worshiping the Void whips out of the speakers. True, this band has done their homework on the 'big four' thrash bands (or big five, six, eight, seventy-nine thrash bands, for those of us who hate leaving someone out), but, it's apparent they're digging deeper. One hears flashes of some of the more twisted-path bands of the scene like,  Coronor, Destruction, Forced Entry, and even some Voivod. The guitar riffs twist and writhe like eels covered in spikes and there's some seriously groovy breakdowns scattered all over the place. 

That said, there needs to be some mention of the incredible guitar solos. The solo interplay between Alex Citrone and Joey Gettler have the advanced melodic sensibilies that evoke the spirit of powerhouse duo Jason Becker and Marty Friedman, which is impressive in a genre that often sacrifices soloing skill for riff emphasis. 

Annihilatia is a solid album that brings a fresh approach to classic thrash and should be a contender for one of the top metal releases of 2013.