Perversion -- The Pillars Of The Enlightened (Death Head Records)

Traditional death metal from Dubai
Release Date: 
30 Jul 2013 (All day)

When one thinks of Dubai, with it's modern skyscrapers, massive wealth, and ultra conservative fundamentalist government, the furthest thing from one's mind might be that, buried deep within it's towering monuments of engineering marvels, would be a small rehearsal flat, rumbling with the ominous sounds of metals most extreme sub-genre. Enter death metal trio Perversion with their debut album The Pillars Of Enlightenment. 

The brief, eerie, exorcist-like instrumental Through The Void opens the album and ushers in the crashing chords of Aging The Unbirtheda nice mid-paced chugger that sets the tone for the album. The following track, The Great Deception kicks the speed up a few notches, showcasing the solid drumming of Alex Micklewright and rewards us with some quality guttural vocals and some groovy, death metal breakdowns. One of the highlights is the title track Pillars of Enlightenment that reverently incorporates all the standard death metal tenets; blasts, twisting riffs, breakdowns, and an simple, yet well phrased guitar solo. Also notable is track 9, Dementia (Of Devourment), that has an almost thrash/speed metal feel to it. 

Perversion play classic, late 90s death metal that sits nicely among bands like, Grave, Cannibal Corpse, and Suffocation. While not particularly original, Perversion aren't going to be breaking any new ground with Pillars Of Enlightenment, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. They're proficient players and do a solid job keeping the flame burning for that classic era of death metal, when the musicianship was just starting to get really tight, but hadn't yet tumbled into the swirling abyss of technicality, making it a very familiar sounding, listenable record. Comfort death metal, if you will.