Nunslaughter/Antiseen – Split 7’’EP (Hells Headbangers)

Metal punk madness

This less-than-9-minute 'EP' released by Hells Headbangers presents the crossover of satanic/punk madness in the best way possible, merging different schools to form one and to bring one public to another. 

Nunslaughter is a long known act for those of the satanic metal persuasion and they don’t bring anything new to the fold, besides tons of blasphemous attacks against the church, god and nuns.

Their two songs live up to their legacy, and they will never betray the satanic metal movement.

Antiseen is a punk rock band from North Carolina that merges the two schools of American (Black Flag, Minor Threat) and English (Chaos UK, GBH, The Restarts) punk rock, and the fans of the style won’t be let down by their sound. 

This is a fun but short EP. However it will satisfy the thirst of collectors worldwide. 


Nunslaughter and Antiseen is out now on Hells Headbangers