Misery Index – Live in Munich (Season of Mist)

Extreme Brutality over Germany!
Release Date: 
14 Feb 2013 - 11:30pm

I usually dislike live albums, but this is an exception and a surprise at same time.  Compiling tracks, mainly for their last album Heirs to Thievery (2010), and packing it into 30 minutes of brutal death metal assault, has transformed this live offering in a bomb ready to destroy an entire venue.

Actually the CD has 34 minutes, but the last track is a studio remix of the song Siberian released on the split with Lock Up two years ago.

The remaining 8 tracks have the song Traitors (from the eponymous album), and The Great Depression released on their debut in 2003, with nothing more from the old material. Why? It’s really strange, but a possible explanation would be the mix of their last album, since Misery Index is really brutal death/grind and maybe the “good production” of a studio couldn’t pick up the extreme cruelty they have to offer, because Live in Munich is a kick in the stomach, such is the aggressiveness presented here.

There’s no space for cleanness, absolutely all the tracks are more brutal than their original versions, and I can just imagine the happiness of the audience feeling this strike right in their faces and their bleeding ears after the gig. 

Misery Index is an über brutal band, nobody doubts that, but they are essentially a live act, and they work better live without studio tricks. The blast beats are so high in volume that it’s impossible to be apathetic to the torrent of musical rottenness.  

The highlights for me are The Spectator (arrgghh) and The Carrion Call, which seems that they loose a demon to spew forth disgrace. 

Live in Munich is a unique experience where one has to listen to it very loud. It’s excellent to nag your neighbours in the early hours, but I believe it’s better experienced if you listen to it inside your car with the speakers exploding while you’re driving.This album only proves that a true band is a band that shows better their ability as a live act. No matter how brutal or technical a group sounds for you, it just proves that if one hasn’t the live ability of Misery Index, they are lying to you. Go get your copy NOW! 


Live in Munich is out now on Season of Mist.