Integrity – Black Heksen Rise (Indie Recordings)

Metallic Hardcore EP from the USA
Release Date: 
7 Feb 2013 - 11:30pm

Integrity is a band that goes to an weird era, when the market started to change in the 1990’s and bands like Biohazard started to appear. There were no niche for them, but they continued, despite the constant changes of formation, recording albums, EP’s, splits (even with Hatebreed) and compilations.

The great fact is that they were stuck in a place between crossover and the upcoming metalcore scene (hence the name, from “metallic hardcore”) It seems a no-brainer, but that’s what the style was called in 1990’s.

This EP shows only 2 short songs, and it’s hard to evaluate them.

First song, Black Heksen Rise brings that hardcore with the screams that would become the norm in the metalcore era, and of course the irritating melodic part. But soon they redeem themselves and the song get on the rails again.

Almost like a segue, the song Wait for the Sun (To Burn Out my Eyes) has a strange start, and them the hardcore comes ripping again.

It’s not a bad release, but shows too little for a band that has years of history and are ones to hold accountable for an entire style. It’s a strange release when you look into it i separately from older albums, so I recommend you to hear the prior releases. 

Black Heksen Rise is out now on Indie Recordings.