Hate Meditation – Scars (Indie Recordings)

Genuine American Black Metal Faith
Release Date: 
27 May 2013 - 12:30pm

When Blake Judd (Nachtmystium/Twilight) formed Hate Meditation in 2003 his intention was to pay homage to the bestial black metal cult acts like Blasphemy and Von

But after a demo, the project stopped and now he’s bringing it back from the ashes of nuclear winter with an even rawer proposal which is to show not the death/black metal, but to evocate the old school of American black metal such as Judas Iscariot for example.

The sound is very, very raw, with simple riffs, repetitive phrases, a keyboard in the background (not melodic!), and it seems a bad intentioned much faster Mortuary Drape.

For instance in the song Impure Rage, everything is chaotic and crude to the bone.

The song End Times shows a hint of Scandinavian black metal, mainly OLD Dark Throne, and it’s impossible to not feel the frostbitten winds from the coldest northern fullmoon.

I really thought this band was some sort of “progressive black metal”, but they are the true thing for people nostalgic of old days of Maniac Butcher, Moonblood, Satanic Warmaster and other worldwide cults out there!

The songs are lengthy and they often clock in at 7 minutes.

The Genocide is buttoned-down black metal but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a momentous song. The bulwark of high-pitched guitars and vocals are sometimes tantamount to Horna for example. The assertive way in which this song is done makes it a definite new classic of the raw black metal style. 

Wrath and Revenge brings more noisy brutality to the forefront and it’s more of the same, but who cares?

Scars is a good surprise for those who are windowed of a good raw black metal act done for people who know how to use their weapons! Terrific!