Hacride – Back To Where You’ve Never Been (Indie Recordings)

The progressive French onslaught.
Release Date: 
22 Apr 2013 - 12:30pm

Something said to me that this CD would rock, but it’s even better than I’ve imagined before. Hacride is a band from France who has been causing boisterousness since their inception with their demo and the subsequent 3 albums. Now of course, Back To Where You’ve Never Been is the peak of their career.

The sound is extremely heavy, and it carries a strong original benchmark of progressive metal, elevating these French lads to the the pantheon of the greatest bands in the world. What I mean is that even though they aren’t recognized as so, they should be. Because the quality of the music is unparalleled!

For example, the heaviness of the second track called Strive Ever to More is so cool with the vocalist Luis Roux with a perfect voice, even if sometimes he insists in doing the cookie monster, his melodic voice has a perfect timbre though. The chorus attests lots to that.

The third track, Synesthesia, is an instrumental piece and even if you’re not that crazy about instrumental music this track will catch you by the balls.

The extreme heaviness is back again on the fourth tune called Overcome and the boys are not kidding: Raddest riffs bringing up a brutal thrash metal influence and variations of phrases, tempos and vocals are so well made that this album should be called equilibrium. It’s like a blend of Testament, Opeth and Dream Theater, all at the one time. And the drum fills really made my eardrums ache. Excellent. The last part is chaotic, bringing a torrent of metal all over the place. 

All the tracks are sans pareil, but in the fifth track for instance, they manage to convince us of such ability that I wouldn’t be surprised if I see one of these musicians playing in mega great acts such as Ozzy Osbourne,  Alice Cooper or Anthrax for example. This track goes even further in their sui generis form of progressive music. I mean, there are lots of good bands who make good progressive music, but charm, my friend, is for the chosen few. Hacride are in this team.

Requiem for a Lullaby is simply one of the best tracks of the year, and I singalong everytime I hear it. 

Back To Where You’ve Never Been is a great experience and it will solidify these French pals as the next big metal band of this era… Jump the in the bandwagon or lose the history as it unfolds before your ears… 


Back To Where You’ve Never Been is out now on Indie Recordings.