Flesh of the Earth- Nature's Reign (Own Label)

These Melbourne youngsters have potential.

Flesh of the Earth is a five piece technical death metal band hailing from Melbourne and their debut EP Nature's Reign is an impressive display of instrumental prowess.

Their brand of tech-death is similar to the mind-bending fret-board fireworks of bands such as The FacelessNileObscura and The Schoenburg Automaton. This of course means the band's songs are packed with intricate melodies, erratic song structures and enough guitar wizardry to make a normal person's fingers bleed.

What's impressive about this EP is just how well constructed the material is for a first release. The band's bio mentions that all of the members have been plaing for years under various projects and that experience shows. There's a confidence in this material that is far more typical of a band that has been together much longer than this.

The mix, the drums in particular, sounds rather processed and flat. However, I am willing to let that slide as the mix doesn't affect the songs too badly and stale production is pretty much par for the course in technical death metal.

With six tracks and clocking in at 27 minutes, Nature's Reign is the perfect length to introduce the band to the world without them wearing out their welcome. Tech-death fans should keep their eyes on this band as there are surely even greater things to come.

Nature's Reign is out now.