Edge Of Attack- Edge Of Attack (Spread the Metal Records)

There is something to be said about living in such drastic weather conditions, it ignites the artistic flame that fuels the metal soul.
Release Date: 
19 Feb 2013 (All day)

There is something to be said about living in such drastic weather conditions, it ignites the artistic flame that fuels the metal soul and brings to life a new breed of music; hence enter Edge Of Attack. Born out of the frigid Northern lands of Alberta, Canada this five piece power metal band might be newcomers to the game but don’t let that fool you, they are taking the metal scene by storm. In a short period of time and having released no more than two singles they have made quite an impact, while generating a great deal of hype, including being featured in Revolver Magazine. 

The first riffs catapult you into a journey..  The album starts off strong with tracks like In Hell, The Haunting and Demon (Of The Northern Seas) packing quite a punch with rapid speed beats, haunting melodic guitars, frantic scales and malicious riffs, that light the fuse for the operatic wails, haunting bellows and demonic roars, leading you right into rapid drumbeats and edgy guitar chords. Take Me Alive is musical mastery, the brutality of this track leaps out at you, and the complex guitar riffs are infused with the charging thunderous beats and empowering vocal wails, leaving you breathless. Forever stabs into your heart with its razor sharp blade exposing the naked truth we all feel. Screaming, tearing, ripping us up from the inside, leaving you aching to burn it into the mind and ears of the one who has left you alone, confused and jaded. Tracks like The Damned  make my blood rush, like venom pulsating through my veins; it brings out the fight in you. The demonic death growls mixed with clean vocals are flawless. Epic guitar riffs and chilling death screams fills the air with insanity. Last but definitely not least is “Set The World Aflame - I have trouble even putting this masterpiece into words, it is perfection. Like the dawning of a new day, the instrumental sections sweep you off your feet only to plunge you into pure lunacy.  The drum beats alone will leave you white knuckled and before you can catch your breath the guitar rips into you shredding insane riffs sending shivers down your spine, leaving your mind in a state of shock and utter exhilaration.

This album encompasses influences from power, thrash, traditional, and symphonic metal as well as metalcore. Taking the knowledge they’ve gathered and injecting it into a reinvention of Edge of Attack were fast and heavy meets melodic and catchy. Combining livid drumming, intricate bass lines, shredding guitars and haunting vocals plus choral and symphonic arrangements along with guest spots from solo artist Ivan Gianinni, Ryan Boivard (Hallows Die) and Pellek (Damnation Angels), Ultimately, leaving their minions with an album bursting at the seems awaiting the moment to be unleashed upon we starving fans.  A perfect blend of their own personal brand of metal