DEUIL - Acceptance/Rebuilt (Les Acteurs De l'Ombre Productions)

Muted black metal fudge...
Release Date: 
20 Nov 2013 - 12:30am

This two track release from Belgian sludge/drone/black metal heads DEUIL is not easy listening but that's not to say we should dismiss it out of hand (although if this had landed in my soup last week, I would have rejected it as I'd completely and utterly had my fill of black metal fun).

Acceptance opens with some chanting to which is added some fantastically distorted chord work. To paraphrase Yoda; the drone/sludge influence is strong in this one. We then get some rising cybal work and it's an almost ritualistic piece at this point. Big fat drums join the cymbals and a choking, muted vocal (which is so far back in the mix as to be almost non-existent) joins in. It's on the verge of being black metal but it's a bit more avantgarde (there is no avantgarde, only those who have been left behind). The entire track clocks in over 17 minutes long so it's not something you'd chuck on for a bit of light entertainment; this should be saved for when your black, sullen mood takes you over.

After about five minutes of cloying suffocation, Acceptance starts to take a different direction as everything drops away leaving just the droning guitars. If you're not already a fan of this kind of drone/sludge/black metal/what have you, then this isn't the album to convert you. It's deep and impenetrable unless you give yourself wholly to it. Anyways, smiling brightly, the tune goes back to the almost black metal arrangements with some blasting drums and the muted vocal (which can be kind of distracting, like someone muttering at you from the corner of the room), all the while tortured notes are wrung from the guitars as we stagger to our graves and the end of the track. Phew! Hard work but pleasing.

Rebuild offers some respite by being a mere nine (or so) minutes in comparison, opening with layers of more chanting vocals which are accompanied by some guitar/feedback. This produces a haunting quality with the intermittent drum patterns providing weirdly hypnotic support. It's hard to pick when the vocal ends but about six minutes in the track gradually builds to a faster paced section. Then it slows down. Then speeds up. Then slows down. Then it's all over. You'll need to dedicate some time to this release but you may find it rather engaging.

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