Deez Nuts - Bout It (UNFD)

Deez Nuts in ya mouf, bitch!
Release Date: 
28 Mar 2013 - 11:30pm

Over here in England we have always been claiming credit for things Australian people have done. After all, we came over and deposited the people we didn’t like and gave the indigenous population a lovely present of Cholera. Don’t take it personally, we do it to the Americans as well, and quite frankly you have a better accent. Anyway, we fully intend to take the credit for this new album from Oz hardcore crew Deez Nuts; when hardcore (which we invented as well by the way) gets this good, I imagine almost every country that isn’t currently in the middle of a war will try and claim that they influenced this album.

Deez Nuts have long been famed in the underground hardcore scene, and looking at their past works it’s quite easy to see why. A superb hardcore band, but as a musical force, not appealing enough to the vast majority of people to ever become a seminal force. This album may well see that change though; there’s still the core Deez Nuts sound and attitude, the fast vocal delivery, the insane hardcore riffs, grooves and breakdowns that have had limbs flying the world over for years.

But the thing that really sets this album apart is the actual songs – the songwriting is just better. They’re no longer just a collection of riffs, they’re actually crafted as tracks. Songs like the title track, or Streets are Watching (featuring a surprisingly proficient guitar solo) are actually good, well-written songs. Hardcore is rarely “fun” to listen to, it’s normally so fast and angry that you find no pleasure in listening to it, but you still do just to experience the fury that the bands put across. But this album is actually fun to listen to, the songs are so bouncy and fast and yes, a little dumb, but at the same time simply sublime.

This album sees them rub shoulders with luminaries such as Hoya Roc (of Madball fame) and Sam Carter (Deez Nuts toured with Architects last year and Jon featured on These Colour’s Don’t Run) and if they can capture the momentum that this album is sure to give them, they could see themselves become one of the most cherished hardcore bands the world over.