Complete Failure – The Art Gospel of Aggravated Assault (Season of Mist)

Brutal grindcore: IN YOUR FACE

Hailing for Pittsburgh, PA, this band has released 3 studio albums, a live album and a demo in their resume. So one must say they have “some experience”. 

No, they don’t have “some”, they have complete experience and control over what they want to do in the studio, sounding like a veteran European band like Napalm Death or Agathocles.

Of course the tweaks of American grind are present, like Misery Index or Pig Destroyer for example, so wait for a pure binge of non-stop massacre.

The drummer really had some hard work to do while he was recording the CD, since it sounds mega organic and shows no signs of studio tricks. 

The album comprises of 10 beautiful songs to destroy your place, and unfortunately it has only 22 minutes wisely distributed, between screams, insane guitars and hardcore-like blast beats, with mental drum fills.

In an ambience like that it is hard to point out a highlight, but if I had to, it’d be the last song called The Unlove Overhue. Once you ears get used to their gestalt, this song sound “natural” amidst the utter devastation. 

Complete Failure denies their own name, since it is a COMPLETE WIN, they are ready to show their fastest no-frills hardcore all over the world. If I was you, I’d listen to this album and their entire back catalogue. That seems the wisest thing to do. 

The Art Gospel of Aggravated Assault is out now on Season of Mist