The Charm The Fury - A Shade of My Former Self (Listenable Records)

Metalcore. Think you've heard it all before? Think again motherfucker
Release Date: 
16 Sep 2013 - 11:30pm

The press release that came with this album cited The Charm The Fury as “Holland’s best kept secret”. If that’s true then the Dutch secret service must look like a mobile library. The Charm The Fury have been steadily cultivating their fan base ever since the release of last year’s The Social Meltdown EP, and ever since word has got out that they are also able to reduce you to a small lump of quivering shit should you see them live, they have seen their fan base grow even more. Now they’re back with a full length that almost seems like a challenge to all other metalcore bands out there.

Because this full length album is something you will not have ever heard before. It seems like there are hundreds of bands all claiming to have “their own unique sound” but The Charm The Fury are one of the few for whom that is a fact, not just their own belief. You would immediately want to claim that this is due to female vocalist Caroline Westendorp, who’s mix of ear-defiling screaming and beautifully memorable clean vocals certainly does give the band an extra dimension they would be worse off for not having. So they’re not just tackling issues like gay rights (Colourblind), the economic situation of the world (Carte Blanche) and about their generation getting off their arses and doing something (Living Saints) but the voice these words are being spoken/sung/screamed with is one of the most powerful in the scene today.

But it’s the riffs and breakdowns that make me want to headbutt my way out of this fourth storey flat and duke it out with any fucker who wants some. Guitarists Rolf Perdok and Mathijs Parent clearly have an excellent grasp on how to play their instruments, and when their virtuoso riffs are backed up by a rhythm section courtesy of bassist Lucas Arnoldusson and drummer Mathijs Tieken that has the crushing potential of a stampede of elephants infected by that disease from 28 Days Later, each song becomes it’s own little masterpiece, a musical portrait painted by five Dutch musicians that, if they continue to put out music like this, will be able to kick the entire rest of the world in it’s collective dick.

That challenge to the metalcore bands? “Try and be better than us. We dare you.”