Arkhamin Kirjasto - Undead Priest of Holy Trinity of Death (Ektro)

The masters of The New wave of Finnish Heavy Metal are back.

Last year when Arkhamin Kirjasto appeared with their full length Torches Ablaze, I confess I hadn’t understood the album at the first spin, so many spins after I simply fell in love with the band. If you doubt click on this link and read my review:

But this time around they are back with an EP, and what wasn’t my happiness to know that newness, but still I had to hear the EP called Undead Priest of Holy Trinity of Death.

Of course, the first song struck me down with the ceremonial chants and an almost doom approach to their UNIQUE kind of metal. Strangeness guaranteed but, again, my opinion hasn’t changed and nothing that some spins wouldn’t make it one of the hymns of 2013, but let’s not exaggerate because they keep the best for the other two tracks.

The Nomad is a pure piece of heavy metal, no compromise, no bullshit, no bollocks. The riff is pure solid metal, and I almost thawed to the ground and into oblivion given the lethal, metal, infernal and abnormal approach of the hellish music presented here. When Samae Koskinen keeps repeating “we’re taking to the other side” thrice, the fear takes over and you know that he really means it. Arrrrghh!!! Best song of the EP.

Last song Spellbound & Tortured is a fast piece of heavy metal with solos in the background while Samae Koskinen is singing. He repeats the the stanzas twice and an interval appears, then a last stanza and that’s it.  This is the shortest song of the album but no less exciting. 

Undead Priest of Holy Trinity of Death just assured me that Arkhamin Kirjasto is one of the best names of Finland these days and there’s no argument against that. If you doubt, build your own band and do what they do, but better it. 


Undead Priest of Holy Trinity of Death is out now on Ektro.