Arckanum - Fenris Kindir (Season of Mist)

Black metal dedication.

With two decades dedicated to true black metal and after the release of the excellent album Helvítismyrkr in 2011, Shamaatae (the only member behind Arckanum) is back on track in the best obscure and Nordic black metal way.

When I say Nordic, it’s not only because of the obvious fact that this one-man-band hails from Sweden, but differently to “traditional” black metal of that country, it goes in the full Nordic language mode, although it isn't clear to me if they sing about Vikings or Satan ( I think the latter is more correct) they sing in a language resembling Icelandic and not the “traditional” modern Swedish language, which adds plenty of trueness to the opus.

The sound is not overly produced either, and, although not mediocre, the production has just the basics to make the sound understandable.

All the songs, of course, sound alike, but a perfect sample of the gestalt of the album is the track Hatamir with its crude approach to BM without being harsh. It has a strong “punk” accent, very kvlt indeed.

After an infernal invocation the track Hamrami brings forth more Nordic sensations with no black metal but with traditional instruments instead.

The full metal mode is back with the track Fenris Gangr, with lashings of pure and crass Satanic metal.

But this is not an intense album. It seems that Shamaatae likes to keep things low-profile, never appealing to gimmicks, extreme noise or utter velocity to hold his ground in the scene. He does what he does with an eerie attitude with effects of the sea and and drums from a forgotten era like in the intermezzo Vargold. 

Fenris Kindir won’t please the normal fan of black metal, rather, it will make pleasure for the most dedicated and old fans of Arckanum’s music. 


Fenris Kindir is out now on Season of Mist.