Wigelius - Reinventions (Frontiers/Riot)

A boy mature beyond his years...
Release Date: 
18 Jun 2012 - 11:30pm


Amusingly, reality TV show refugee Anders Wigelius makes music that was popular long before he was born, and a cynical man – not me, you understand – might ask what a young pup like him is doing churning out track after track of music out of the barrel marked ‘1986 Vintage’?

Luckily, even if this whole thing is the result of marketing men seeking an angle (and, despite Anders’ press release assuring us that as a youngstrel he was an avid fan of all the gods of hard rock, there still seems to be just a smidgin of packaging going on here), the Wigelius voice is more than capable of playing its part to the full. The boy can sing, and on the likes of the sumptuous Too Young to Fall in Love he absolutely blows the roof off the place with a fantastically emotive vocal performance that’s easily up there with some of the giants of this kind of stuff. 

The most obvious reference point for old heads would be Richard Marx, though much of the material on Reinventions is far heavier than anything ol’ Dicky would attempt, thanks in the main to some steely guitar contributions from Jake Svensson who impresses throughout with some tastefully bombastic playing, It’s not all rocking in the heat of the night however, as Andy shows he can handle a ballad with aplomb on the Mr Big/Extreme hybrid Love Can Be That Much, wherein his marvelously assured vocal carries a simple song beautifully. 

Honestly, if you are of an age to remember the likes of Marx or Benny Mardones in their halcyon years you’ll find plenty to enjoy here on an album that is really surprisingly impressive, and hopefully the start of something very big indeed.