The Very End -Turn off the World (Steamhammer Records/SPV )

Embracing veteran wisdom this band has undeniably rebelled from the cookie cutter influences and has delivered us a new dose of originality.
Release Date: 
27 Nov 2012 (All day)

Hailing from Essen, Germany, The Very End's metal Mammoths formed in 2004, releasing 2 demos (one in 2005 and another in 2007). Then in  2008  they released there first full length intitled Vs. Life followed by 2011's Mercy & Misery. The vicious oneshave returned with a vengeance announcing the release of their third album Turn off the World.  Since the release the response has been fierce. Having come virtually out of nowhere with an in your face attitude and a hellacious sound. Turn Off The World consists of eleven songs which will capture and rattle the massive metal soul thriving inside you.

Turn off the World Is a stimulation of the senses .Melding together melodic thrash and death metal influences Björn (vocals) injects you with utter adrenalin. Splinters,  Iron Sky & The Black Fix  showcase his ability to deliver guttural roars, razor sharp screams and still provide a dose of clean melodic perfection. Sixes and Nines & The Last Mile offer hard riffs, ferocious grooves, brutal chugging and hard hitting speed beats. Even in his offering of melancholy titled Maelstrom Calling he never skips a beat providing the listener with a non-comparable array of unorthodox tracks that flow effortlessly.

The Very End are not your generic melodic death metal band. Their construction hits on elements that capture all metal genres,. combining thrash, brutal and melodic death, groove, traditional, progressive and even power metal, all the while staying true to their roots but paving the road for a new sound. Most sub genres out there today tragically are sounding the same but this band has undeniable rebelled from the cookie cutter influences and deliveed us a new dose of originality.  Embracing veteran wisdom with hints of Metallica, Testament and Arch Enemy, this is pure metal, Invoking neck breaking, sweat slinging, blood thirsty head banging madness. amidst the chaos of this album it never sounds incomplete or scattered; if anything it’s a cohesive masterpiece both powerful and magnetic.

In my opinion this album is pure metal mayhem, it brings out the fight in you. The combination of influences, the unique style structure you never know what’s coming next. It gives you everything you crave from start to finish. For that reason it has found its rightful place in my Top 10 contenders for 2012.