Soulfly - Enslaved (Roadrunner)

As Cilla Black once said... Surprise surprise!
Release Date: 
12 Mar 2012 - 11:30pm

Whoooaaaa Maxy… what’s going on here? You’ve never rested on your laurels since the big Sepulschism I know, churning out platter after platter either with Soulfly or with your co-conspirator Iggor, but, well, I’d just got kinda used to them coming and going, ya know? Pummelling drums, discordant axe work, swearing, it all sort of drifts in and out like extreme lift music, one offering much like the next… until nobody gets too excited about you anymore, even old fans like me…

… And then you go and foist Enslaved on us. I was so not bothered that I nearly didn’t even get round to listening to the link MaF big cheese Scott Adams sent to me, happy to give him some ol’ blather about it being incompatible with my desktop or somesuch. But then, I’m old skool, d’ya ken? So out of some misplaced sense of duty I downloaded the fucker and… jumpin’ jeebus it’s a hottie, In fact I’m so excited I’d go so far as to say Enslaved is the most vibrant piece of noisy rock n’roll that Max Cavalera has been involved with this century.

Everything about this record spits rebirth, excitement, anger… a whole multitude of sins an’ delights that’ll have you – all of you – champing at the bit and crying out for more as each track unfolds. There’s a strong chance you’ve already heard lead single World Scum and the internet-leaked Gladiator, but don’t let that put you off; scratch the surface of Enslaved and you’ll find more, so much more to get your knickers in a twist about. Drummer Dave Kincaid described the album as ‘Arise on Crack’ but that’s way too simplistic a nutshelling for me (he is a skin beater after all I guess). Arise never had Marc Rizzo thrashing like a maniac on it for a start (no offence Senor Kisser - but Marc's a rather special axeman).The likes of  the excellent Plata o Plomo or the violin-led instrumental Soulfly VIII are way more sophisticated than that simile would allow, revelling in their scope and ambition in a way that the young Max never could have. This is grown up extreme music and it bloody smokes.

Nobody could have guessed this was coming on Max’s form coming into 2012. Let’s hope that Enslaved acts as a springboard for the rest of the man’s career to be just as devastating as this.