Serpentine Path - Serpentine Path (Relapse/Riot)

Dare to tread the serpents path...
Release Date: 
10 Sep 2012 - 11:30pm

What do you get when you put together cult doom mastermind, Tim Bagshaw (Ramesses, ex-Electric Wizard), and the members of Unearthly Trance? That would be Serpentine Path.  Musically? Eight songs of wretched, sludgy doom metal.  

There were many fans that lamented when Bagshaw left Electric Wizard. He was after all, a founding member, and Wizard were on of the U.K.'s premier doom metal bands.  And whilst Electric Wizard have since bought in new members, including Liz Buckingham, and continued to grow, both in their fan base and critically, Bagshaw's new project, Ramesses, has never really grown wih the same traction. But where Ramesses may have failed, Serpentine Path is sure to succeed.

In introducing the listener to Serpentine Path proper, then it might be good for comparisons. While Electric Wizard may have been every stoner's dream, Bagshaw's new band crosses the sludge with the sound of Cathedral's first album, Forest of Equilibrium.  This might sound strange to some, especially considering the albums he produced while in Electric Wizard, but lets not forget that his former band was signed to Rise Above, owned by one Lee Dorian, who also fronted Cathedral. If the concept may still seem profound, there could also be the rebuttal that we did kind of see this coming, especially after hearing the material on Ramesses albums up till this point.  And so in essence, Serpentines Path is a mixture of slow doom/death - albeit without the ultra down turned cookie monster vocals - with a touch of stoner and sludge about it.  We could even go further, and say that there are even influences of early 90's bands like Autopsy. If this all sounds a little complex then don't think about it too much. All you need to know is that Serpentine Path is a great album, from a band that will hopefully be around for some time to come. Another great release for doom fans - the year just keeps on getting better.