Obsidian Kingdom - Mantiis (Own Label)

Mantiis embarks the listener on an eerie musical trip with a wide range of styles and emotions

Obsidian Kingdom; This is an independent music project founded in Barcelona in 2005 and consisting of Rider G OmegaProzoid Zeta, JSI ,Zer0, Æmeour Íggdrasil, Fleast Race O’Uden and Ojete Mordaza II . Releasing Matter in 2007 and 3:11 in 2010, they are at it again unleashing, Mantiis – An Agony in Fourteen Bites. In search for their own unique style they have created a conceptual album featuring a single song divided into fourteen tracks which flow through different genres, using a multiple of sound resources stepping out of the box of style boundaries and convention.

Mantiis embarks the listener on an eerie musical trip with its cryptic quality. Not Yet Five tucks you in, It hypnotizes you from the start; it clears your mind and sets the stage for the dark journey you are about to embark on. With this unique album it explores a wide range of styles and emotions that play on your senses. Oncoming Dark and Fingers in Anguish give you a feeling of desperate longing for understanding with quiet despair. While Ball-Room ,And Then it Was spare no sound resources in order to portray utter violence and frustration.

While I listen to the dark and helpless lyrics of this album, I feel the pain of loss and anger. Denial mixed with acceptance of the demons in this world. Revenge on those who take.. A lucid nightmare where everything is open to violent predators suffocating you into the evil abyss .The darkness that finds you and swallows your soul, preys on our innocence while getting aroused over your fears. It watches you.. Beautiful, warm, radiant - then takes your last breath. The Instrumental pieces in this album are so intense with raw emotion. It speeds your heart beat, brings on a level of anxiety mixed with shallow gasps as it embraces your vulnerability.

In my opinion this is unique. It's a bizarre step outside the boundaries of extreme music. Having a single song play through the genres is brilliant, as it flows so smooth yet penetrates your mind at the same time. With a post-modern approach and Influences from Akira Yamaoka to the brutality of Cult of Luna, and experimental style of Ulver or Pink Floyd. This album does not disappoint.