Midnight – Complete and Total Hell (Hells Headbangers Records)

NWOBHM, D-Beat, Sluts, Hell and Black Rock n Roll.

I must have been sleeping… Seriously where was I when Midnight was putting out all those little pearls throughout the years? Hells Headbangers have decided to gather together all their previous material into one single release and the outcome couldn’t be better. 

21 tracks spread out in an exhaustive 73 minutes of pure D-beat, punk metal, NWOBHM obsession. Influences from the likes of Motorhead, Venom, Warfare, Discharge and Raven are latent throughout the compilation and if you can’t nod to one theme or another, you’re fucking dead, but people forgot to give you a proper funeral. 

After the instrumental intro Funeral Bell, All Hail Hell enters with an adhesive chorus, almost Alexandrine verses, with 4/4 tempos, punk as fuck, metal as hell!

Servant of No One, Unholy and Rotten and I Am Violator continues the binge and it only shows how wrong was I when I first heard this band and ignored all the brouhaha. 

Hot Graves comes next and it is the same song the Hot Graves (the Black/Punk band) coverized and I’m finally connecting the dots that that Midnight is this very Midnight. 

White Hot Fire is a kind of song that one must hear everyday to get their metallic fix. 

Endless Slut with the even simpler chorus, put our firsts in the air and makes us call a hooker to complete the party. 

But it’s in Lord in Chains with the Venom/Motorhead oriented sound that the band hit its pinnacle. It’s deliciously British and essential for any one of you who claims to be “metal”

Black Rock n Roll talks by itself, and there’s no better title to describe a song.

I could be talking and dissecting every single track of this release, but I won’t do, simply because I can shorten it to one word: ESSENTIAL. I definitely jumped in the bandwagon and if you have doubts I’m sorry to tell you: YOU ARE WRONG. If you are want to pass moments of pure metallic fun, spin this album while sipping a beer… or lots of them. Strike of Midnight, don’t try to fight!

Complete and Total Hell is out now on Hells Headbangers Records