Mekong Delta - Intersections (SPV)

German progressive thrash metal band return to the scene with Intersections, an album full or re-recorded early tunes.
Release Date: 
22 Apr 2012 - 11:30pm

German thrash metal is known for its uncompromising and relentless attitude, certainly in the old days. The early records by Kreator, Destruction and Sodom reflect this tough-as-nails- type of attitude. Meking Delta took a radically different approach by incorperating a more technical and refined approach. The band was quite ahead of their time, especially in the late eighties and early nineties. Despite numerous line-up changes this outfit is still going strong with an album called Intersections being their latest offering.

Intersections is an album full of re-recorded old material, much in the vein of Testament’s First Strike Still Deadly and Let There Be Blood by Exodus. Dabbling with old songs can be a precarious enterprise, because of sentimental value and the fact that many bands utterly fail to capture the spirit of old. Many hardcore Testament and Exodus fans view those earlier mentioned records as pure blashemy.

In this particular case Mekong Delta selected the best tracks from the band’s first four recordings, namely the self-titled debut album (1987), The Music Of Erich Zann (1988), The Principle Of Doubt (1989) and Kaleidoscope (1992). It has to be said that songs like The CureSphere Eclipse, Memories Of Tomorrow and Heartbeat have aged fairly well. The current incarnation of Mekong Delta does the old tunes justice by really pouring their heart into the recordings. Even the chaotic charm of old is captured nicely. The vocals by Martin LeMar are a typical hate/love affair. He reminds me of Bruce Dickinson, but without the warm timbre and the spot on delivery. Oddly enough, LeMar’s vocals don’t feel out of place on Intersections.

Production-wise Intersections is a little rough around the edges. It does enhance the old school charm of the record, but on the other hand it does make things sound a little dated. I’m still somewhat undecided on this particular issue.

Intersections is first and foremost an interesting introduction to some of the band’s older recordings and it’s certainly a worthy alternative to any cheap ass compiliation album out there. The current incarnation of Mekong Delta does the old tunes justice. All in all, it’s a nice gesture towards the band’s  fanbase and a good excuse to hit the road again. Solid release in true German fashion.