Massgrav – Still the Kings (Selfmadegod)

The kings of Scandcrust are back.

What to expect from Scandinavian punk/hardcore? Quality and Massgrav is the heir of the past bands that invaded the nordlands such as Rattus, Kaaos, Anti-cimex, Mob-47 and their mix of punk/crust/grind with d-beat are second to none. 

Their new “album” is actually an EP (they call it album) with 19 songs and 19 minutes. So you know exactly what to expect: Mincecore with raspy vocals at ultra velocity. 

Still you can’t be unfair and say all the songs on Still the Kings sound the same. A tweak of punk here, a pinch of thrash metal there, makes the trick for the noisy chaos that Massgrav is into. 

It’s funny how you can’t simply tag them as “grindcore” because the lack of a real link with the other bands from grind/crust scene worldwide. They seem to not have influences from nothing but sounds from Sweden and occasionally Finland. That what makes Massgrav so special, they isolated themselves to create a legitimate and perfect Scandcrust sound WITHOUT blends. Of course Discharge has permission to enter in their lives, hehehe

All the lyrics are sung in Swedish and it is impossible to the world outside to get what they are trying to say, but judging by the fury in which they detonate their instruments, it must be something really angry.

The highlight of the album is the last tune called Suicide

This new album of Massgrav is intended to those who like their hardcore/grind with a hint metallic sound in it. They are still the kings!


Still the Kings is out now on Selfmadegod