Lakei – Konspirasjoner (Indie Recordings)

Another Norwegian band honouring artistic Norvegian tradition.
Release Date: 
20 Apr 2012 - 12:30pm

Norway, known in the metal world for its black metal scene, has, little by little, distanced itself from that tragic underground scene of the 1990’s to become a worldwide potency in metal music, whether it be thrash, black, or progressive metal… They don’t care, and even known artists such as Isahn, Vikernes and so on, keep on breaking new ground, never sticking to the obvious.

Lakei is a symptom of this peculiar Norwegian scene, bringing an original mix of doom-laden groove-oriented music and other forms of thrash metal and blackened vocals;  here and there one can perceive prog music. But they NEVER sound like a pastiche, their work is solid, mainly within the groove/thrash metal area , but the vocals and riffs keep changing, never sounding boring.

If Sarkofag and Budbringer sounds strange at first heed, Despot brings to the forefront their force, with a clean (but not too clean) sound and desperate guttural vocals.

All here sounds desperation, and they are on a par with one of my fave Norwegian act, Sarke, always delivering that pessimistic  and simplistic kind of metal, sounding modern but never plastic.

Produced by Fredrik Nordström, who brought the quality to its limit, mainly guitar-wise, Aldri Temmes changes the vocal approach from groove/guttural to legit black harsh vocals, but with the background cohesive and sad. 

Banesår brings a tangible and dirty industrial atmosphere with riffs chugging in such way that the loneliness and sadness are perfect to hear in the solitary winter nights when desolate thoughts kick in. Their tools of the trade are only repetitiveness and microphonics.

The closer Lakei, is even more laden with sentiments of metallic gravity.

Be that as it may, Konspirasjoner is not an Avant-garde album, it is simplistic, yet original... it is a work that only could be done by the rotating and somewhat promiscuous Norwegian Metal scene. Lakei is a band that will be rendering fruits in the near future. Keep this name on your mind!