Ion Vein - v2.0 (Mortal Music)

Good, solid US metal...
Release Date: 
11 Dec 2012 - 11:30pm


The second in Ion Vein's ‘chapter’ series of releases sees the Chicago veterans in fine form indeed. Straight up, no frills heavy metal is the name of the game and, whilst there’s absolutely nothing here you haven’t heard before if you’ve ever listened to an Iced Earth album there’s no getting around the fact that this band is very good at what it does.

The three tracks on offer, Seemless (which features a guitar solo from former Michael Bolton producer Neil Kernon!), Fools Parade and (standout track) This is Me are solid, down the line, honest headbanging workouts, with vocalist Scott Featherstone in particular standing out with his gruffly attractive Dioesque utterances adding class to each song here; Of course the riffage (courtesy of the bands only ever present member in their near twenty-year history, Chris Lotesto) is top notch throughout, and the production  by Kernon allows each instrument the space to shine through and create maximum impact.

Good stuff, then, certainly good enough to have you looking forward to v3.0 enthusiastically, and a nice addition to the IV canon.

Track Listing:


Fools Parade

This is Me


Ion Vein Band