Heaven's Cry - Wheels Of Impermanence (Prosthetic Records)

Classy prog metal without invasive keyboards.
Release Date: 
25 Sep 2012 (All day)

After seven years, Heaven's Cry return to deliver Wheels Of Impermanence, their third album  of quality prog metal. Now, don't let the prog metal label keep you from giving this one a tumble. Lately progressive metal has become somewhat of a bloated, sick animal. One errant poke with a stick and we're enveloped in noxious fumes, usually in the form of a self indulgent keyboard solo, but every once in a while a band comes along that brings a bit of freshness to the scene. 

Canadian metallers Heaven's Cry deliver ten, tightly wrapped prog metal songs. The longest tune clocks in at around 6:30, the result is songs trimmed of any fat. No slogging through ten minute stretches of ambient keyboard atmospherics here. Heaven's Cry jump right into the crunch with clever riffs, sparkling clean guitars, and vocals that have just the right amount of grit to insulate them from accusations of  being a 'Dream Theater' clone, not that there was any risk of that in the first place. A more than passing listen to the guitars on the album and rhythm sensibilites and one might conclude that they have more in common with their freaky Godfathers, Voivod whom they share the same region with. 

There is an almost AOR quality to the tunes that might turn off some listeners who lean towards the extreme side of metal, and, there are keyboards, but they serve only to provide texture and atmosphere rather than bury you in a avalanch of high pitch bleeps. Those of you who enjoy the hookiness of later era Fates Warning with a generous helping of synchopated, punchy riffs that throw enough little sonic curveballs to keep you listening to the end of the song and into the next, then Wheels Of Impermenence is worth checking out.