The Fat Dukes of Fuck – Honey From the Lips of an Angel (Own Label)

Funny band from Vegas has the upper hand.

Okay another joke band, and I was never very fond of them but The Fat Dukes of Fuck has something very special in their music to offer us.

Formed in Las Vegas (Nevada) on an undisclosed date (their bio on Facebook says only that FAT DUKES OF FUCK PLAY MUSIC), the band has released two album from little to no success. But now the gods of music illuminated them and they have a real stuff in their hands. 

Clearly influenced by Mike Patton and his troupe, TFDOF don’t content themselves in just be funny or groovy. The band has strong incursions on metal (mainly in thrash metal) although this is not basilar to their music. 

More influences are noted like Scatterbrain, Green Jelly and of course, Frank Zappa and Melvins. But the very fact that they don’t stick to just one style (let’s say alternative, for example) is enough to not send metalheads away. They are funny yet sticky.

For example in the song Sorry about your Dick , amidst the funky sounds, they appeal to a metal near the black metal borders. Funny thing (as everything in this band) is that is not a stodgy salad, the songs actually make sense.

Oral Agenda has the coolest riff, while Prelude to to the Greatest night of Your Life is addictive and enslave our ears to beg for more. What a crazy and nice song.

But it is in the upbeat Step Aside and let The Fucker Dance that the band gained my heart. I’m a serious headbanger, and this song makes me want to jump like a retard inside my room.  I think this last sentence summarizes the feeling of the song. Mainly in the last part when they use some high pitched vocals, like uhuuuu, uhuuu, mang this is pure fun.

The other songs are earworms too, but none like this one.

But in general, this is a CD where all the songs are earworms and it’s impossible to hear it just once. Take off that frown off your face and sell your soul to The Fat Dukes of Fuck.

Sidenote: this band is a hidden gold, once someone big discovers them, they will gain their success, be aware of that, I just hope that the money doesn’t kill their their coolness as it always do.  If you like to say you knew a band before they made success, this is your chance, take my word for it. 



Honey From the Lips of an Angel is out now. You can buy it directly from their website: