Dehumanized - Controlled Elite (Comatose Music)

Dehumanized is back and stronger than ever. Rejuvenating the old school fans and spawning a new generation of death metal monsters.
Release Date: 
27 Nov 2012 (All day)

New York death metal veterans Dehumanized history dates back to the mid 90's during the rise of other New York powerhouse bands like Suffocation, Internal Bleeding and Pyrexia. In 1998 Dehumanized released their debut album Prophecies Foretold. This album was a savage crash course in the classic technique of New York slam style death metal. New Dehumanized album Controlled Elite picks up right where Prophecies Foretold left off over 14 years ago with bludgeoning blast beats and plenty of old school NYC style grooves with colossal audio production, guest vocals by Frank Mullen (Suffocation) and a guest guitar solo by Terrance Hobbs (Suffocation). The album was recorded by Joe Cincotta at Full Force Studios.

Controlled Elite is metal mayhem at its best. Putting Dehumanized back on their rightful throne as masters of the art of slam/death metal. Mike Centrone vocalizes with guttural roars, grunts, snarls, and low growls with the occasional high pitched screams which are exceptionally brutal. The guitar work is what you'll find in death metal highly distorted and downtuned guitars playing really fast, precise blasts with brutal slams .The percussion with its aggressive, and exceedingly powerful blast beat drumming patterns add to the complexity of this album. Their ingeneously unique method of combining breakneck speed and devastating groove has influenced countless numbers of successful death metal acts throughout the years and they have been cited as "one of the most underrated bands in death metal history”.

Bloodties is like a steel toe kick in the teeth -the power that it fills you with is overwhelming. The vibration coursing through your veins puts your body in to permanent hyper overdrive., wile songs like Soiled, with its fast paced rage beats and hypnotizing riffs fill you with fear and sheer terror. His Burden with its low growls, melodic riffs and harmonies mixed with complex song structures and multiple tempo changes is just mental.The gripping guitar solos are old school perfection - just what you'd expect from these NYC heavyweights of slam..

In my opinion they are like a well-oiled machine; the way they connect and sync into each other is admirable.The fact cannot be denied that this NYC powerhouse is taking no prisoners, is back and stronger than ever. Rejuvenating the old school fans and spawning a new generation of death metal monsters. This is exactly what 2012 death metal fans have longed for! .