Cryptopsy – Cryptopsy (Own Label)

No deathcore, no clean singing, no bullshit. Believe, Cryptopsy are back with their best album to date!
Release Date: 
11 Sep 2012 - 12:30pm

This album should be the best album of 2012. It isn’t, just because I already elected (reviews ago) the last Borknagar album as such. But Cryptopsy (the self released album from one of the best technical death metal bands in the world) is the second best for sure. Of all styles. 

Okay so you think The Unspoken King should remain silent. I’m not completely alien to that opinion, and I agree with you. So let’s make a deal. This is NOT the Unspoken King. There’s no sign of clean singing here, just guttural desecrations by the very same Matt McGachy, and what a helluva vocalist. Stop crying Lord Worm widows because this dude makes his work with HATE! 

So, you’re still moaning that None so Vile was their best album, and no Cryptopsy album would surpass that opus. This new album does! I know, I like None so Vile too, and I think it is a great, great, great album. This one is better. PERIOD.

The CD is packed with 35 minutes and 8 tracks of pure wrath, with no concessions from the bulldozer that roadkills you from second one.

Two-Pound Torch comes like a hammer with the usual intricate tempos, fast phrases - its incomprehensible at first glance. The solos are just as fast as hell, and the drumming of Flo Mounier showcases that he is one the best drummers in the whole world. If you don’t agree, buzz off! 

Shag Harbour’s Visitors, with its supernatural appeal, strafes everything in sight, and it’s the most complicated song of the album. 

But it is in Red-Skinned Scapegoat that the fun really starts to commence. Like the first two tracks it seems crazy, but it gains, little by little contours of headbanging parts with a mosh part like Suffocation (from the Effigy of The Forgotten era) and strangely this song defies logic, with tiny pieces of riffsthat  never repeat themselves, and when they do, they do for a while, then some portentous soloing, partly because this time you have two great guitarists working together: Christian Donaldson and Jon Levasseur (who is back after some 6 years absent). I must say that Jon composing with Flo and with Donaldson (who isn’t just a great axeman but a great producer as well) at the helm of the whole thing is the only fact that could explain why this album is so freaking good. But I digress. Back on the soloing territory all the parts work together (including the bassist Olivier Pinard) to create a sensation of a volcanic explosion and then the unexpected: A JAZZ PART OUT OF THE BLUE. It’s so unreal, that freejazz being played like a jam session in the Mississippi Delta in the late of 1920’s…. just a few seconds of sophistication and coolness and then, the death metal times 666 exploding over again out of my speakers and melting my eardrums. It’s PERFECT! Bravo!

Damned Draft Dodgers has the same surprises, but this time, in the middle of the deluge of riffs and noises, a bossa nova piece appears. I can’t help laughing everytime I hear this song, is so surreal, it’s as if Tom Jobim had appeared in the studio to teach the “kids” how to play their instruments and was brutally pulverized by the brutal death metal attack.

Okay we are still in the first part of the album and I can’t say all of that is not noticeable giving it half dozen spins. I listened to it A LOT of times, but if it’s not easy to know by heart all the songs, it’s a fun process to listen to it over and over again.

Amputated Enigma and The Golden Square Mile follow the same principle of the other tracks but it’s in the last two tracks (Ominous and Cleansing the Hosts) that the riffs speak by themselves.

Okay I tried… Words alone can not explain how excellent this album is and how funny is to have yourself beaten to death by minutes of brutality. All can I say is, go and get you copy ASAP. I know how it is I’m a metal fan too and I slash my fave bands when they deserve it. Normally bands never get fully recuperated from the strike. It’s NOT the case with Cryptopsy. Actually I believe it’s the only case in the history of metal when a band is ostracized then pay back the offences with the most marvellous album in their whole career. Cryptopsy is ESSENTIAL for new and old fans alike. It’s QUINTESSENTIAL for those who seek a PERFECT metal opus. They are back with a vengeance and you know: payback’s a bitch motherfucker!!!!!