Antigama – Stop The Chaos (Selfmadegod Records)

Polish Grindcore minces you to small pieces!
Release Date: 
18 May 2012 - 12:30pm

Polish band Antigama presents us with their new EP, Stop the chaos, containing 5 assaults plus an outro in 15 minutes of pure brutality.

After 5 albums, two demos, and a big number of splits in their discography, they seem to distance themselves from avant-garde/freejazz/minimalist (although it sounds an incongruence, it’s exactly what the band did in the past) grind/noise, to a more pure, professional and traditional grindcore that won’t leave fans of the style neglected. 

There’s no time for fillers, and E Conspectus opens the incursion with a tight and well produced sound all the while maintaining the musical belligerency and rottenness; this is followed immediately by The Law, almost leaving no space in between the tracks, making the EP a quasi-segue. 

The title-track increases the sensation that you’ve heard that Barney-esque vocal in some of the latest Napalm Death release, but who’s grumbling?

This is a grind release where you can actually hear the bass, as attested on the fourth track Find the Function, and the “refrain” is a kind of industrial ND from the age of Inside the Torn Apart, but never giving up to velocity and grind/hardcore. It’s just a cramp amidst the ravaging!

Intricate Trap presents some spaced drumming before exploding to pure ruination again. The sound is somewhat “broken”, extremely technical, but not too complicated for the ears. 

And soon The End, literally. The last track is a psychedelic piece resembling their past, but it’s interesting as a closer, and it doesn’t botch the work a bit. 

Antigama is somewhat of a well-known name in grindcore circles, but if you don’t know them, this EP is the best way to get acquainted. Really good stuff!