Acaro - The Disease of Fear (Goomba Music)

No decent heavy metal bands emerging these days? I dare you to listen to this.
Release Date: 
2 Oct 2012 (All day)

The opening line to the bio I was sent with the promo copy for this album was “They are Acaro and they are metal”. I guess there isn’t really a better way to start commenting on this band, much less on their new offering The Disease of Fear.

The opening title track is a 2m 52s blast of furious aggression, fusing brutal heavy metal with some hardcore elements; this last coming not the least from the blend of roaring, screeching, growling and shouting that issues forth from the vocal section. The guitar solo is thankfully not too long and widdly, but still sounds great and there is a bit of that tremolo picking for those guitar nerds like myself who love that sort of thing.

The rest of the album continues in much the same vein, although the tracks do pick up a little in length particularly the 5m 29s titan R.O.J. Salvation’s End and Becoming the Process are a throwback to early 00s thrash, with a good dose of new-thinking beatdowns thrown in for good measure as well. Throne of Blood and R.O.J even contain some slower, slightly stoner-y elements thrown in, before all hell breaks loose and your ears and nearly ripped off by your speakers of course.

When all these elements are thrown together, along with short-but-sour heavyweight Moritui the album becomes a violent melting pot of ingredients. Acaro could have chosen to just serve us one of these, and I’m sure they would have done it spectacularly, but instead we get a vile soup of hate-filled, crunchy, well-executed METAL ready to burn your throat and ears and have you moshing on your own for hours on end.