Segression - Never Dead (Riot)

They've been on holiday for six years...but now they're back. And it's reminding me how fucked up my memory is.
Release Date: 
21 Apr 2011 - 11:30pm

Never Dead by Segression is driving me mental. There's something so fucking familiar about the tracks on this album but I just can't put my finger on it.  However, regardless of my drug addled memory - it's a damn good album.  It's multi-layered and has a 'big production' sound and the influences are apparent (more so if your brain's working properly).

It opens with Blood Lace Black Day. It's chock full of screaming goodness, harsh drums from Red, wailing guitars and stoner rock drawl and I was immediately impressed - it's the kind of sound that reminds me of good things but again, my piss-weak memory won't tell me what.

The title track Never Dead has some sweet, trippy guitar work courtesy of Mick Katselos and Shane Partridge, and is drenched in effects but still it pounds forward.  I'm loving it but suspect I've got dementia...

Hero Anthem strides onward, only pausing in the mid section for an almost reggae inspired moment then it's back into it with banging drums and bass.  It has an interesting use of vocals and reminds me of Rage Against the Machine (RATM) with its high tuned bass.

Wishing Well opens with some bed-wetting spooky children chanting and it really does remind me of RATM and other bands that were kicking about in the same period.  Fuck!  This is going to bug the shit out of me. The massively sexy solos on this track are rather nice too.

Gaspipe is a battery of instruments and leads nicely into Reality Playground Pt1 (I expected a spoken word piece over this bit but luckily I was denied). As an instrumental, it builds slowly, layer by layer, then it peaks and fades like an audio firework.  Very nice.

Reality Playground Pt 2 is so 'widdly' (that's a technical term, that is) and I can see a million air guitarists working it to this track.  The drawling style on the vocals is a bit distracting and is almost Patton-esque in its delivery. Again, the production is multi-layered and the song finishes rather suddenly.

The intro to L.T.P.C is full of strange harmonies that strangle into feedback.  Sections of it seem to fall away, leaving just drums and vocals.  I'm loving the production on this album; unfortunately I can't tell you who did it so you'll have to go search it out yourself.  Any ideas, Ed? (no - that's your job - Ed.)

Let Me Be Me is crisp and sharp with thundering drums, and Candleneck again reminds me of RATM - Chris Rand's delivery is soooo U.S.A! Towards the end of the album it distracts me a touch but it's still pretty sweet.

Shattering of a Dream is sending me mental again. Why the fuck can't I remember?! Stone Temple Pilots?! Someone help me...

Misery is the closer and it's a bit cheesy with the accent, and it has some nice mellow bits (but that accent...).  Sweet drums and supergroove bass (Rand does vox and bass duties) certainly revive the final track on the album, and it's been a delightful journey.

Segression are a groove-orientated band (whatever that means...) and I have to say that Never Dead is a beautiful return. Go sniff a copy out before the dementia kicks in and you forget where you live.


Editors note: Never Dead was produced by Chris Rand. I love accuracy, me...